DocQuisition Document Management System

Do you want to reduce paper document storage while improving your access to documents ? DocQuisition is designed for individuals and small businesses. There is almost zero configuration effort and it's affordable.

DocQuisition teaches itself how you want to classify documents and then does most of the thinking for you, so getting documents into the system is as easy as it can be.

Want to know more ? Watch the videos and then download a thirty day evaluation copy. Five minutes from now, you could have installed a fully functional copy of DocQuisition !

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What is DocQuisition ?

DocQuisition's primary purpose is to record your incoming mail and document attachments you receive by email or download from the internet. This allows you to shred most correspondence and easily find documents years later.

DocQuisition is targeted at individuals, families and small businesses. We provide high end document management features to the low end of the market i.e. painless auto classification of documents to minimise the effort of loading documents into the system and automatic backups of your documents. Click here for more information.